Vol 3


How to Walk Away

How to Walk Away by Catherine Center. After my own recent breakup, I’ll admit I was drawn to a story that I could really relate to. This book had me trapped from the very beginning. This might sound odd, but I love happy books about sad things (example: literally every book John Green has ever written). How to Walk Away will make you laugh and cry all within one paragraph. The characters are unique and delightful. After reading you can’t help but feel good about your life and the gifts you’ve been given. I will definitely be looking for more written by Ms. Center.


rock of ages

Rock of Ages at the Fort Wayne Civic Theater. The show blew me away! I’ll admit, I am normally more of a “Rogers and Hammerstein” type of gal, so I was not expecting much from this rock n’ roll show taking place on the Sunset Strip. I was so wrong. This show is pure fun. The music, costumes, and dance moves will send you back to the 80’s, along with a super talented cast. What I loved the most? You can tell that the cast is having the time of their lives. I love when you can feel the energy coming off the stage, and this Civic show definitely brings that. There’s only one ticket left, so you better get your tickets fast!

Warning: Rated R, definitely do not take your 5-year-old niece or your snooty grandparents.


natch beaut

Natch Beaut by Jackie Johnson. I do not care if you hate makeup and have never touched a face mask in your life; this podcast is AMAZING. It is currently my absolute favorite (that’s a big deal). Host Jackie Johnson is hilarious, honest, and totally unique. She has opened my mind to a more thoughtful way of living while also cracking me up with every episode. What I love most about Jackie and Natch Beaut is her absolute love for what she does. She works her ass off to make this podcast and it shows. I aspire to be more like her. Plus, she is completely in love with her dog Chooch, and I am always here to support a fellow dog mom.