Vol 2



Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. I am a Gilmore Girls fanatic. It is my all time favorite show which actually made me slightly hesitant when it came to picking up Lauren’s book. When it comes to “celebrities” that I love the most; I tend to keep them at arm’s length for fear of finding out something unsavory about them. What if she reveals that she is actually nothing like Lorelei and finds her taxing? What if she actually hates coffee? All things that could ruin my favorite show for me.
But finally, I broke down and downloaded it on Audible. I have since listened to it 3 times. Lauren is witty, charming, and just as quirky as I had imagined. She talks of her love for Gilmore Girls and even convinced me to watch Parenthood which I also completely fell in love with. She is the wise and silly aunt that every 20 -something girl needs.
I would also HIGHLY recommend the audiobook because she is HYSTERICAL and even does a bit of singing which nobody should miss out on.



Iliza Shlesinger: Elder millennial. What’s that? Why yes, my interests are incredibly varied and unique, thank you for noticing. Not only did I love this comedy special, but I also just love her as a person. Her Instagram account has quickly become one of my favorites (mostly because of her super cute dog, Blanche). She has several specials on Netflix and they are all super fun while also tackling some really relevant topics. With Elder Millennial being the newest; I would start there. New life goal: see her live.


Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. SORRY NOT SORRY. I will love Mamma Mia until the end of my days, I may even request it to be played at my funeral. You’ll notice that I selected the Mamma Mia sequel as my “Listen” rather than “Watch”. That’s because while I do really enjoy the movies, I get much more joy from the soundtracks. I have found that even on my darkest days, I can still turn on these songs and sing my heart out. I thought that the sequel’s soundtrack held up incredibly well to the original and even cuts a little bit deeper; truly exploring the rise and fall of a mother/daughter relationship.