My Return

It has been over a year since I have visited this blog. I started Baked Goods and Big Smiles the summer of my sophomore year of college, a time that I still have so many fond memories from. Now I am 22 and recently graduated. I would like to say that coming back here has made me realize how much I’ve grown, but if anything I feel the opposite. On these pages, I remember the first taste of writing for others. I remember everything feeling so new and I remember not caring about what my photos looked like or how many likes I got. I just did the things and then I wrote about them. That made me happy.

For my senior project, I attempted to take my love for blogging to the next level. I wrote a business plan, set my goals high and my anxieties higher. Blogging went from something I did for myself, to something I did for so many others. Every week I gave a summary of how the blog was doing and every week I had nothing to feel proud of. I had lost my happiness in the form of words.

Now, as I squirm through my twenties feeling a little lost and a little dull I find myself aching for those days of blogging simply because I liked it. So here I am. 2 years older and desperately aching to fill a void that seems to continue growing. Quirky and Sweet, I am still learning as I go.