Stop Telling Me That I’m Stressed


Telling me that I work too hard.

Telling me that I look tired.

Asking me if I’m getting enough sleep.

Telling me to take a break.

Telling me that I’m stressed.

I am twenty years old and perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Do you know how those questions make me feel? They make me feel more tired and more stressed and most excruciating; they make me feel like I am not enough.

By telling someone that they look tired you are telling them that they look bad. Do not try to sugarcoat it. Because what does tired or stressed mean? It means bags under your eyes, hair not done, make-up nonexistent. Guess what? I can have all of those on my best days.

By telling someone that they work too hard, you are making their work feel unnecessary. You make them feel obnoxious, when really you’re just trying to make your own lack of work seem better.

I know that none of these comments are meant to cause harm. I know you are just worried about me, so instead..


Telling me I’m doing a great job.

Telling me I look refreshed.

Telling me that the work I do is meaningful.


The only person in charge of my schedule is myself.. and my mother. I love being ambitious. I love juggling a million responsibilities. Some people don’t but that doesn’t mean we should hinder the spirits of a person who loves what they do.

You Are Not Your Social Media

Here’s a crazy thought. Hang with me for a second…

Just because you don’t post about it, doesn’t mean it did not happen.

Go ahead and take a moment to absorb that. We have plenty of time.

Lately I have realized that I have become so obsessed with how I look on social media that I’m not living in the moment. I find myself enjoying the amazing people in my life and suddenly desperately searching for a photo op so I can post it on Instagram. Or hearing an amazing quote from a friend and rather than really listening, I’m preparing to quote them on Twitter. And it’s gross. So I repeat…

Just because you don’t post about it, doesn’t mean it did not happen.

Just because I don’t constantly share pictures with my best friend does not mean that I don’t love her. Just because I don’t always post a #ThrowbackThursday does not mean that I don’t appreciate past memories. I am not my social media accounts. I am a person with my own memories and thoughts.

I’m not going to call it a resolution. I’m going to call it a promise.. to live in the moment. To stop reaching for my phone, and reach for a drink instead. To actually get my photo’s printed so that I can marvel at them on my bedroom wall instead of my Facebook wall.

I love you social media. But I refuse to fall victim to you.

The Baking Challenge: Closing

Hello my friends. I hope you have had the warmest of holidays including family, blankets, and losing track of what day it is. While I have spent half of my week off sick in bed, I can’t complain too much after much needed quality Jamie/Bed time. I’m writing now not to share with you my fabulous baking adventures, but because I am feeling inspired through a glimpse of creativity.

As for my “2015 Christmas Baking Challenge” It ended much quicker than expected due to my own poor planning. We’ll call in an idea of “good intentions” and move on.

In one month I will be uprooting my whole life and moving to Orlando Florida. It is my greatest dream to bring magic to family’s lives and now through the Disney College Program I am given that chance. I am thrilled. I am terrified. I know this is where I belong.

Are you still reading? You’re the sweetest.

What I’ve been listening to: As a huge fan of GIRLS, I am devouring Lena Dunham’s podcast “Women of the Hour”¬†. If you’re into contemplating life, love, and friendship through Lena’s beautiful banter, this is where you belong.

What i’ve been reading: I just completed Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. This book is simple. Form the beginning the narrator states that you will not learn anything from this book and thats true. But sometimes in a world where we feel so pressured to constantly improve ourselves, not learning is refreshing.

What i’ve been watching: Rented Aloha and Trainwreck over break. Aloha: I love Emma Stone, but I understand people’s frustrations with the lack of Hawaiian casting. Yet, she is Emma Stone and she is delightful, the rest of the film is meh.
Trainwreck: The first time I watched it I was obsessed, now that I re-watch it 5 months later i’m frustrated by the main character. Maybe it’s my own growth? Maybe it’s the movie.

If you have made it this far I adore you for being so interested in my own thoughts. Thank you for everything you do, let’s try to get through January together.