Day 2: Chocolate Swiss Roll

Remember in the days of your youth when you would pig out on those Little Debbie Swiss Rolls? And then you grew up and realized they’re a zillion calories and swore them off for good? Me too.

My grandma is famous for making her pumpkin roll, which my mother never likes due to her distaste for all things pumpkin flavored. So, I decided to pay homage to both her and my childhood days and make a chocolate swiss roll. I figured it seemed easy enough… boy was I wrong


Do you see that? That is the eye of evil. Just kidding. But to be honest, this was not one of my favorite baking adventures. The swiss roll takes a lot of time, love and patience. Three things I sometimes lack. However, if you do feel truly worthy of such a task, then let’s begin.

First we select a half-baking sheet which follows with Jamie’s Mistake #1. USE PARCHMENT PAPER. This cake sticks to the pan like none I have every seen before and a cooking spray/flour combo will simply not do. Our oven is preheated to 425 degrees and 3 bowls of different sizes are plucked from the shelf because these ingredients hate each other.

Bowl #1: a small bowl for dry ingredients;  cocoa, flour, salt, and baking powder) sift them together.

Bowl #2: In a medium bowl, 4 egg whites whisked until they just can’t take it no more (aka soft peaks). This is my favorite part. I love watching the ooey-gooey egg white transform into soft puffy love (i’m poetic like that).

Bowl #3: In a large bowl, the 4 egg yolks and sugar are beaten until they lose their dark color and turn a beautiful light yellow.


So, now you have something like this. Great, you are totally nailing this swiss roll. Don’t get cocky.

First add the dry ingredients into the egg YOLK bowl. It’s going to be rough but stay strong. Next slowly incorporate the egg WHITE into the mixture which will thin the batter out a little bit. Marvelous, now you’re left with one bowl which get’s poured into your PARCHMENT LINED sheet. (Capitalization is used for your own good. I’m not trying to yell.)


How nice is that? Too bad that after it’s baked for 6 minutes it will come out looking like this…IMG_4563

Horror. Absolute horror. It took a lot of sweet talk to get this poor cake out of my floured pan. A lot of “it’s okay. It’s all going to be okay, you can do this. Don’t break apart we can do this together.” I’m not sure if I was talking to the cake or myself. I’m also not sure which would be more weird.

Roll it up tightly in a towel while it cools so that it can take some time to form it’s spiral. Once it’s cooled fill it with whatever your heart desires. IMG_4564

My heart desired a mountain of vanilla buttercream. Jamie’s mistake #2, pay special attention to putting icing on all sides and corners so that every slice of cake is perfect and your pictures don’t suck.

IMG_4566 (1)

See? Not what I was going for.


When you do roll your cake it will probably crack. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just how life works. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover it with gaze and nobody will know.


No problem. And the good news? Pretty much no matter how bad it looks, this chocolate swiss roll tastes amazing. Chocolate spungy cake and twice as much sweet buttercream; don’t count the calories in a “Little Debbie” fashion and try to forget how hard this actually was.

1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup cake flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
4 eggs (yolks and whites separated)
1/2 cup sugar

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