Jam- Swirled Baked Donuts

Today I would like to tip my hat and send my deepest love to “Author, photographer, and donut enthusiast” Joy the Baker. Miss Joy has become one of my greatest inspirations both in the blog and donut world. If you don’t know her CHECK HER OUT, she’s fantastic and you will quickly become as obsessed as I am.

To show my proper respects, I am making her Jam-Swirled Donuts, using my own homemade jam and a delightful honey brown sugar glaze.

Let’s begin, starting with the donut pan you never knew you secretly needed.

Jam-Swirled Donuts

Just give in, make room in your cabinet, and buy one. Trust me, after these donuts you will need to use it again and again.

First we’ll mix our dry ingredients; flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, a pinch of nutmeg, a lot of cinnamon, and even more sugar. That’s the easy part. Dry ingredients are always the easy part. But we can do this.

Browned butter. To be clear, this was my first experience browning butter and while I was hesitant everything worked out smoothly and my kitchen smelled like baking heaven. Jam-Swirled Donuts

3 tablespoons in a small saucepan. Medium heat- no stirring required. Turn on the tv and let the stove do the work.

Jam-Swirled Donuts

Don’t be nervous. It will get there. Once you see little brown specs and you smell that deep, rich nutty butter smell you are ready to roll.

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White Chip Chocolate Scones

As a coffee shop lover and Java Bean Cafe employee, scones have formed a soft spot in my heart (and stomach). However, today is my first adventure actually making them, so of course I picked a chocolate scone.
But before we dive into that, let’s take a moment to discuss. What is a scone? This is the question my grandpa asked in mock confusion. As I tried to provide my own definition “um. It’s sort of like a biscuit.. but sweet.. although they don’t have to be sweet. I like them sweet..” I realized I wasn’t sure either. Which brought about…

A brief history of SCONES

  • Some people argue about where scones originated but it was probably Scotland
  • Originally scones were a quick-bread made mostly out of oats (gross)
  • Many believe that scones were named after the “Stone of Destiny” which is where Scottish Kings were crowned
  • We can all thank Anna the Duchess of Bedford for their popularity. While we don’t know exactly how the conversation went, i’m guessing it’s something like this: “I don’t know. It’s like… I want something sweet, but I also want a biscuit. and maybe some fruit?” and her suitor at the time probably left the room in frustration.

After all of those fun facts, i’m sure you are just PUMPED to make your own. I know. Me too.

Gathered ingredients

Two bowls. One lady. Let’s begin.

Bowl #1 aka Small Bowl

In bowl #1 aka Small Bowl, we’ll whisk together our milk, egg, and vanilla extract.

Bowl #2 aka Big Bowl

In bowl #2 aka Big Bowl, we’ll whisk together flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

I hate to break it to you, but that was the easy part. Now, we need to add the butter. Make it cold and get out your lemon zester.

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My Time Under the Sea and Cake Doctoring

As of June 6th, I am officially 20 years old; a rather unexciting birthday, except that finally I may begin my journey into my “20 Somethings” and appreciate all of those Buzzfeed articles my 19 year old self just couldn’t appreciate. I am stepping away from my “teens” and fully looking forward a new year filled with new mistakes (hopefully fewer and farther in between) and new opportunities.

To start the year right, I received the chance to see Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” at the Wagon Wheel Theater in Warsaw, IN. As a MEGA Disney fan as well as theatre lover, this was an extraordinary gift. However, my favorite part was getting to take selfies with the cast members after the show. This practice both took the actors by surprise and gave them a break from the many temperamental 5 year olds.

Here are just a few of my favorites…

IMG_3595 IMG_3598IMG_3596I must admit King Triton takes the win with a killer duck face. Also, they were all extremely handsome and made me blush frequently.


One of my favorite birthday rituals is making my very own cake. While I love to bake regardless, this is the one moment I allow myself to bake solely for my own taste buds, later to be almost completely self consumed.

NOW I realize that in my last post we threw out the box mix brownies and made our own from scratch. While I am SO SO proud of you for making that big step, we will now take a tiny step back and break out a box cake mix.

I KNOW I KNOW, but just trust me on this one, okay? We’re going to change it up a little, get a bit crazy, and nobody will ever know. Just burn the box and throw some flower on your apron. It’ll be our little secret, promise!

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